Montreal Street Names

August 4, 2009

Drummond Street
Named for George Alexander Drummond.
Mr. Drummond was called to the Senate and was also active in:
Banking; Flour; the railway; and Redpath sugar

Hutchison Street
This Street is named after the Hutchison family from Aryshire, Scotland

McGill College Avenue
Named after James McGill the founder of McGill University.

McGill Street
McGill Street was opened on the former Montreal Fortification Wall. The Street was named for the Honorable Peter McGill, deputy at the Legislature Assembly, cousin to James McGill the founder of McGill University. A commission was appointed in the early 1800 (1802) to demolish the fortifications. The Hon. Peter McGil was a member of the commission.

Mc Tavish Street
Was named for Simon McTavish, of Startherrick, Scotland born 1750 – died July 1804.
He was the founding father of the North-West Company
“The McTavish’s Haunted House” built at the foot of the mountain on McTavish Street was not completed at the time of Simon McTavish death.. Most of his fortune was left to Hotel Dieu Hospital.

Dr. Penfield Avenue
This Avenue was originally named for John McGregor.

MacKay Street
Named for Donald MacKay a member of the North-West Company,

Simpson Street
Named for Sir George Simpson
George built the Grey stone buildings located between Peel and McTavish Streets on the north side of Sherbrooke Street which he named ”the Prince of Wales terrace”
Other Scots who lived there were: Principal Sir William Peterson of McGill, Sir William Macdonald the tobacco millionaire and Robert Lindsay.
Sir George owned property on the side of Mount Royal. His country home was the entire area of Dorval Island. A convent is now located where George Simpson’s home was at Lachine. Opposite it was a small fur post which is still standing. From this fur post the caravan of canoes left and by way of the Ottawa River, Lake Nipissing, and French River to Sault Saint Marie finally reaching the head of Lake Superior
Trafalgar Avenue
Trafalgar Avenue was named for the estate owned by John Ogilvie and called “Trafalgar”
The hill and district area west of Mount Royal was then called Mount Trafalgar. Today it is called Westmount.


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