Mr Waspe’s new dog

June 26, 2011

By Daily Mail Reporter

After six years of loyal service, Graham Waspe was devastated when his guide dog Edward was left blind after developing cataracts. But his devastation turned to joy when his replacement Opal turned out to be a real gem.   Mr Waspe’s new dog is not just aiding his owner to carry out everyday tasks, but also helping Edward to get around.

The Waspes say the two dogs have got on fine since they came together, with Opal taking Edward to all his old haunts

Mr Waspe, received his new dog last November after his seeing eye dog, Edward developed the inoperable problem which resulted in him needing both eyes removed.

And two-year- Opal has stepped in where Edward left off as they tour their old haunts together.

While Edward is well know across the schools and community groups of Suffolk, Opal is now building his own reputation as their owners give talks about the Guide Dogs charity, training for such special dogs and the incredible ways they help their owners.


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