New plan sees moose back in Highlands after 1000 years

August 19, 2009

MOOSE have returned to the Highlands after more than 1000 years as part of a controversial wildlife plan.
And a BBC documentary to be aired this week shows the largest member of the deer family back in its historic grazing grounds.
Landowner Paul Lister has also introduced a breeding population of boar and also wants to reintroduce brown bear, lynx and wolves on his 23,000- acre Alladale estate, north of Inverness.
But his project, which also involves planting 80,000 native trees, has come under attack.
Farmers are concerned about the welfare of their livestock and are demanding the animals be fenced in, while ramblers say such fencing would destroy their right to roam.
But Lister says that he is determined to recreate the wilderness that his estate would once have been.
He added: “As long as the majority of people can see what we are trying to achieve here, then it will happen.”
The documentary, A Moose In The Glen, was shown on BBC2 in April


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