Poems by Ron Gillis, North Sydney, Cape Breton

November 5, 2011

Word in Webster, one should embellish,

Word Thanks forever cherish, 

Directed to Mom’s our Dad’s too,

Bringing us up so strong, so true.

Infant adult, stops between,

Parent’s protector from dangers unseen,

Grateful we are for leading us through,

Acknowledge you now,

Mom, Dad, Thank You

Ron Gillis

‘My Son’s Journey’

Conceived, in mother’s womb, birth cradle,

Two years old under mothers feet, working at table,

Five on way to school, t o learn subjects of the day,

Mom home in peaceful bliss, quietly going grey,

Eighteen high school graduate, world beckoning at your feet,

Wait have four more years to obtain college certificate,

Twenty six at altar, waiting for woman you dearly love,

Join hands in matrimony, guidance from above.

 Written by Ron Gillis


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