Richest people in Canada

April 15, 2016

According to various articles on the internet…
# 1) David Thomson – Richest Man in Canada Net : $22.0 B
David Thomson, the eldest son of the Thomson family, is the wealthiest man in Canada. He holds an MA from the university of Cambridge. He is the third Baron Thomson of Fleet, a nobility title in the British honour system created for Roy Thomson, Davids grandfather. The title passed on from his father to him.
He is the chairman of Thomson Reuters, a media company started by his grandfather and run by his family. Mr. D. Thompson is also the chairman of Woodbridge, The Globe and Mail Inc. He derives his wealth from stocks he owns in Thomson Reuters. He continues to be the leading man of his family business.
#2) Galen Weston Second Richest Person in Canada –Net Worth: $9.4 B
Willard Gordon Galen Weston is the Executive Chairman of George Weston Limited, founded by his grandfather back in 1882. George Weston Limited is the largest food processing and distribution company in Canada. His residence is in Toronto. His investments also include Loblaw Companies Limited which is the largest food retailer.
#3) Jim Pattinson Net worth of $5.3 Billions.
Jim Pattinson founded Jim Pattinson Group in 1961. He draws his fortune from this group entirely owned by him which is involved in diversified business.  According to its websites, its offices are spread over 455 locations across the world and the group employs over 34,000 people and nets $7.3 Billion in sales.  On June 21,1990 he received the Order of British Columbia and on April of 1987 hr received the Order of Canada. He resides in Vancouver, B. C.

#4) Paul Desmarais – Net worth of $4.5 Billions
Paul Desmarais is the fourth wealthiest person in mainland Canada. His father ran a bus company. Paul took it over and transformed into a Power company. He the University of Ottawa and received a Bachelor of Arts in Commerce. He is married and has four children and resides in Montreal. He is ranked in the top 300 list of Forbes.

#5) James and Arthur Irving – Richest Brothers in Canada –Net worth of $4.5 B
Sons of Kenneth Colin Irving, James and Arthur Irving with fortune stranding at five billion US Dollars are the leading face and owners of the Irving Group of Companies which is privately run by them. It is involved in diversified businesses like oil, natural gas, pulp and paper, etc


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