Robert Burns

August 6, 2009

Born Jan. 25, 1759 in Aryshire, Scotland
Famous Poet – Infamous excise man
Bonnie Jean Honored at Last
Jean Armour, Robert Burns’ long-suffering wife, inspired many of his love poems and songs. She bore many of his children and struggled to raise them after Burns’s death at the early age of 37. Even though Jean was an inspiration to Burns and the object of some of his best works she has never been recognized or honored by a monument in her name until now.The Burns Howff Club in Dumfries is commissioning a statue to “Bonnie Jean.”They hope to erect it on a site between the house where the poet died and where Robert and Jean Burns are buried. The life sized statue will show Jean with a child by her side. It is hoped the statue will be ready to unveil for the 207th anniversary of Robert’s death on July 21, 2004.
Robert Burnes and Jean Armour had nine children. When Jean took in one of Burns’ love children to raise she said “Oor Rabbie should have had twa wives”.


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