Robert the Bruce

August 31, 2009

June 7, 1329 Robert the Bruce died at Cardross Castle in Dunbartonshire.
The cause of his death remains unclear, but he might have died of leprosy.
Robert met his rival for the leadership of the resistance movement, John Comyn at the Greyfriars’ church in Dumfries in 1306. A fight ensued and John Comyr was killed. Bruce was excommunicated for killing the man on holy ground. In 1328 Robert was reconciled with the church. .
Bruce had always wanted to take part in the Crusades, and in death he got his wish.On his deathbed Robert asked his friend Sir James Douglas a favor. He wanted his heart carried on crusade
Bruce’s right hand man, the Black Douglas,
Took the embalmed heart placed in a silver casket, was hung on a chain around the neck to Spain to fight the Moors. After Douglas’s death, the cask containing the heart was returned to Melrose Abbey.


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