Scotland’s Top Historic Treasures

August 4, 2009

Two archaeologists have suggested a “top 10” of Scottish treasures. The selection has been based not just on intrinsic value or aesthetics but on what they tell us about the past.

They include: Two 4,500 years old flint axes found in Banffshire in 1881 – dating from the Neolithic period, chipped from stone and polished to a smooth finish.
A 6,000 years old bow found in Moffat. The Lewis Chessmen – over 90 carved ivory chess pieces, from the 12th century in all probability Viking in origin.The Deskford Carynx- an ornate wind instrument from the Celtic Iron Age found in a peat bog in north-east Scotland.The Traptrain Treasure – a massive store of Roman silver dating from 395-423AD found in a hill fort in east LothianThe Hilton of Cadboll carved stone dating from 800AD, found in Ross and Cromarty.The Cramond Lioness – from Roman times, 1700 years ago, found in the river Almond, near Edinburgh in 1997. Most of these items are on display in the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.


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