Scottish Chair at McGill

June 7, 2015

Some of the Chair’s key responsibilities will be to enrich ties with Scottish academic and cultural institutions.  The Chair will undertake new research on Canadian‐Scottish heritage, history and culture, create outreach activities that promote education and dialogue on the role of the Scots in Canada, and will train the next generation of Canadian‐Scottish scholars.

Most importantly, the Chair will help give Canadian‐Scottish studies a new prominence in academia and beyond, and will provide a valuable new avenue through which the St. Andrew’s Society and the McEuen Scholarship Foundation can pursue their missions and objectives. The Chair, which will be housed at the world-renowned McGill Institute for the Study of Canada and jointly appointed with the Department of History, will advance the Society and Foundation’s missions of celebrating and promoting Canadian-Scottish history and culture, while making an invaluable contribution to Canadian-Scottish studies at McGill.

It is timely that a Canadian-Scottish chair be created on the 190th anniversary of the founding of McGill, this most Scottish of institutions founded when Montreal was a small Scottish bastion and the beaver was king,” says Peter McAuslan, President & CEO of McAuslan Brewing and past president of the St. Andrew’s Society of Montreal. “Scotland itself was entering an intellectual renaissance that changed the world. To understand the impact of the Scots on Canada is to give insight into the nature of our past and perspective on our future.”

This exciting initiative will adopt a uniquely broad and interdisciplinary approach to Canadian-Scottish studies, bringing to bear expertise from a wide range of faculties, departments and scholarly disciplines to illuminate the unique impact of the Scottish antecedent on Quebec and Canada from multiple perspectives. It will also be a unique opportunity for outreach, and one of the goals of the Chair will be to reach beyond small academic circles and engage the community by hosting visiting speakers and organizing events and conferences that will be open to the public.

We are pleased to say that we have raised over $2.6M of the $3M needed to fully endow the Chair.

As Canadians, Quebecers and Montrealers, we enjoy a unique and enduring bond with Scotland, encompassing both our rich history and our dynamic present. Your gift in support of the Chair in Canadian-Scottish Studies will help us ensure that this bond is nurtured in perpetuity and that Scottish-Canadian studies take their rightful place at the heart of McGill, a University recognized for its world-class teaching, research and community engagement.

McGill already enjoys a strong network of collaborative ties with Scottish universities, including bilateral exchange, research and internship agreements with the University of Glasgow, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of St. Andrew’s. The Chair will allow us to expand and enrich those partnerships, while creating new ties with institutions across Canada and around the world in a variety of complementary disciplines.


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