Scottish Voice Show #471

April 18, 2009

1 Alexander Bros/ Sounds of Scotland/ Come By the Hills/Loch Lomond
2 Colin Grant/ Bee Flat
3 J P Cormier/Now that the Work is Done/Ancient & Forever
4 MacMorin/ Jigs with Pius
5 Bannal/ Waulking Songs/Clo Mhiclllemhicheil
6 Mackenzie/ MACNAS/Ho Ro’s Toigh Leam fhin thu (I love you)
7 Gerry Holland/A. J. and Jeanette Beaton’s/The Bees Knees/The Piano Summit
8 The Cottors/Made in C.B./Here’s to Song
9 Dave Gunning/Caught Between Shadows/ The Road Ahead
10 Dave MacIsaac/ Forgotten Roots/ A Tribute to C B Violin Duos


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