Scottish Voice Show #475

May 16, 2009

1 Rita MacNeil & Men of the Deeps/ We Rise Again
2 Troy MacGillivray/ Celtic & Trad Lullabies from our CB/Endless Memories
3 Eric Bogle/Other People’s Children/The Promise
4 Runrig/Long Distance/(Stepping down the) Glory Road
5 Mairi Rankin/First Hand/ Live at the Red Shoe
6 Mary -An Cliath Clis/ My Plaid is Soaking
7 Mairi Rankin/ First Hand/E Jigs
8 Ecosse/The Auld Alliance/ Shoals of Herring
9 Ecosse/The Auld Alliance/ L’Homme a Deaux Femmes/Le Violin Accorde


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