Scottish Voice Show #479

June 13, 2009

Producer/ Host Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Gaelic Session: Suzanne Beaton

1 Ian MacDougall/Bridge to Baymore
2 The McCalmans/ People and Songs of the Sea/ Keepers
3 Scott MacMillan/ Sir Lulu
4 Janet Russell & Christine Kydd/ People and Songs of the Sea/ Th Fisherman’s Wife
5 Dave Gunning/ Caught Between Shadows/ House by the Stream
6 Brenda Stubbert/ House Sessions/ I Lost My Love jigs
7 Mary Jane Lamond/ Storas/ A Gael Among the Lowlanders
8 Jennifer Roland/Dedication/ Traditional Medley
9 Eric Bogle/The Dreamer/ Someone Else’s Problem
10 Carl MacKenzie/It’s a Corker/ The Harrow


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