Scottish Voice Show #481

June 27, 2009

Producer/ Host Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Gaelic Session: Suzanne Beaton
Co-Host: Jennie Tsue
Canada Day Show


1 Track 2 O Canada Music Builders Chorus
2 This land Is My Land This Land is Your Land
3 Cree Fiddlers
4 Dolores Boudreau/ Roadworthy/ Fricot A La Danse
5 Jimmy Sweeney/Come Listen Awhile/ Farewell to N. S.
6 Leahy/ Don Messer Medley
7 Jeff MacDonald/CB Live Take 2/Gaelic in the Glen
8 Betty Lou; Kinnon Beaton/Thomas MacDonnell’s Strathspey
9 The Sharecroppers/This New Found Land/ I’se the B’y
10 Stan Rogers/Imported from N. S./ Barrett’s Privateers
11 Stompin Tom/ The confederation Bridge/ My Home Cradled Out In the Waves
12 Don Messer/ Road to the Isles
13 Brenda Stubbert
14 Jerry Holland/Crystal Clear/ January 16th/Francis Aucoin/Rannie MacLellan


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