Scottish Voice Show #485

July 25, 2009

Producer/ Host Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Gaelic Session: Suzanne Beaton
Co-Host: Jennie Tsue
Today’s show is dedicated to the memory of Jim Reid

1 Jim Reid /Yont the Tay/The wild Geese (Greentrax Recordings)
2 Leanne Aucion /Failte Airs and Waltzes/ My Aunt Denise
3 Jim Reid /Yont the Tay/ Harlaw (Greentrax Recordings)
4 Còmhla Cruinn/Iùraibh O Chan Eil Mi Slòn
5 Jerry Holland/ Chrystal Clear/ The Dandy/The Black Rogue/Lakeview Drive
6 Mary Jane Lamond/Còmhla Cruinn/ Thug Mi Gaol, Gaol, Gaol
7 Ed Miller/ The Edinburgh Rambler/ The Devil Made Texas/The Irish Washerwoman/
The Lads o’ Duns/Duns Dings A’
8 JP Cormier/Mandolin collection/Clog from Hell
9 Jerry Holland/ Fiddler’s Choice/ Glenn and Karl’s Set


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