Scottish Voice Show #489

August 23, 2009

Scottish Voice Radio show
Producer/ Host Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Gaelic Session: Suzanne Beaton

1 Betty Lou & Kinnon Beaton- Owen D. Gillis prompting Mabou Hall dance / Heart of C. B. : Fiddle Music Recorded Live Along the Ceilidh Trail/ A set of Reels: New Haven /Mrs. Norman MacKeigan’s /Glenquey
2 The Rankin Family/Souvenir: 1989-1998 / Gillis Mountain
3 Brenda Stubbert; Brian Doyle; Richard Wood/ Heart of C. B.: Fiddle Music /My Great Friend John Morris Rankin/The Flax in Bloom/A Northside Reel
4 Mary Jane Lamond/Orain Ghaidhlig/ Gun Chrodh Gun Aighean
5 Natalie MacMaster/My Roots Are Showing/The Boys of the Lake/ Jigs: the Detroit Jig/The Mucking of Geordie’s Byre
6 Mary Jane Lamond/ Stòras /Gur E Mo Rùn an Dòmhnallach
7 Jim Reid/ Home + beauty/ By the Mountain Streams – Greentrax Recordings Aug release
8 Simon Hoyle/ Inverness to Culloden
9 Paul Anderson, George Donald/Home + beauty/The Duke of Fife – Greentrax Recordings
10 Jim Reid / Home + beauty/ The Black Velvet Band – Greentrax Recordings August release


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