Scottish Voice Show #493

September 12, 2009

Scottish Voice Radio show
Producer/ Host Janet Stubbert
Co-Host: Jennie Tsue
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Gaelic Session: Suzanne Beaton

1 The Cottars/ Made in Cape Breton / Kitchen Racket
2 Kate and John, Hartland Band, Portree, Isle of Sky
3 Howie MacDonald/ the dance last night / Square set
4 Cyril Sampson/ These are my Mountains / Ringsend Rose
5 Brenda Stubbert /House Sessions / Willie’s Strathspey
6 Donald Rankin – Portree, Isle of Sky, Scotland
7 Sandy Meldrum/ Scottish Piano Fusion / Contemporary Gaelic Air
8 Brenda Stubbert / House Sessions / The MacNamara’s…solo piano jigs
9 James Gordon / Mining for Gold: Twenty Years of Songwriting Disc 1 / We Owe It to the Pioneers
10 Shane Cook & Troy MacGillivray/ When Here Meets There/ For Nuala
11 The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem / Finnigan’s Wake / Roddy McCorley
12 Wendy MacIsaac / Timeline / The Angus Chisholm Set


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