Scottish Voice Show #499

November 14, 2009

Scottish Voice Radio show
Producer/ Host: Janet Stubbert
Co-Host Ryan Farrell
Technical Producer: Zana Corbett
Gaelic Session: Suzanne Beaton


1 Clan na Gael, Keepers of the Wind/ Ceileidh in the Night
2 Lynn Higginson & Eleen / Sandy Bell’s Pub
3 Howie Macdonald/ At the dance last night/ a Winston remake 3rd fig. reels
4 Joe Peter/Mary Jane Lamond CD Orain Ghaidhlig/ Puirt Eos Peadair (Joe Peter’s Tunes)
5 Mary Jane Lamond/ Suas E! / Bòg A’lochain
6 Don Messer/ the very best of/ Red River Waltz
7 Ted Christopher/ Follow the Wild Geese Home/ The Old Man’s Chair
8 Buddy MacMaster/ Judique Flyer/ Paulette Bissonnette Set
9 Howie Macdonald/ The Dance last Night/ from an Arthur and Dave melody


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