Scottish Voice Show #508

January 2, 2010

Scottish Voice Radio show
Producer/ Host: Janet Stubbert
Co-Host: Sonny Hill
Technical Producer: Suzanne Charland

Happy New Year!

1 Stephen Quigg/Silver Sands/Auld Lang Syne
2 Amy B. Stewart/Big Scottish Party/Come In, Come In
3 Anna Ludlow/ Reel to Reel/ Jig of Slurs
4 The Cottars/ Made in Cape Breton/ Kitchen Racket
5 Phil Cunningham/ Jackson Set
5 Steve Byrne/ Songs from Home/ Hogmanay
6 La Bottine Souriante/L’Acadian
7 Big Strong Man
8 Henry My Son
9 Anna McGoldrick/ An Irish Christmas/ Mrs. Fogarty’s Christmas Cake
10 Sarah Burnell/Return Ticket/ Will Ye No Come Back Again
11 Auld Lang Syne


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