Scottish Voice Show #509

January 9, 2010

Scottish Voice Radio show
Technical Producers: Mark Korman
Co-Host: Sonny Hill
Gaelic Segment: Suzanne Beaton
Guest: Loic Fanning (France) – Groups: Branta, Finnan, Frisk & Fiddle.

1 Carl Mackenzie/ It’s a Corker/Man in the Moon
2 Fiona J. MacKenzie/ A Good Suit of Clothes/’Illean Bithibh Sunndach,
Greentrax CDTRAX339
3 Margaret Stewart/ Togaidh mi mo sheolta/ Chaidh an dileag ud nam cheann,
Greentrax -CDTRAX311
4 Loic Fanning/ Branta/ Belfast and College Hornpipe
5 Loic Fanning/ Finnan/ Waterford Waltz and Sonny’s Mazurka
6 Loic Fanning/ Frisk and Fiddle/ King of the Fairies Set
7 McCalman’s/ Coming Home/ Only Remembered, Greentrax – CDTRAX336
8 Kinnon and Andrea Beaton/The Cage


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