Scottish Voice Show #510

January 16, 2010

Scottish Voice
Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producers: Mark Korman
Gaelic Segment: Suzanne Beaton

1 The Wherries/ Home and Harbour/ Go Fetch tae me, a Pint o’ Wine! –
2 Donald Riddall/ Highland Fiddler. The Clunes collection of Donald Riddall/ Fingal’s Seat; Johnnie Finlay; the Blackbird
3 Moira Kerr/ Celtic Soul/ Where Eagles Fly –
4 Mary Jane Lamond/ Làn Dùil/ Fáill Ìll Ò Ro
5 Mairi Rankin/ First Hand/ Irish Group
6 Moira Kerr/ Loch Lomond Hills/ Highland Cathedral
7 Carl Mackenzie/ It’s a Corker/ Tom Kettles
8 The Wherrires/ Home and Harbour/ All the Tunes in the World / Kate Dalrymple
9 Carl Mackenzie/ It’s a Corker/ Fairbairnes


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