Scottish Voice Show #511

January 23, 2010

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producers: Mark Korman

Topics: Robert Burns and Haggis


1 Mark Marsman, Cindy Price, Madison Marsman-Young, Joan MacNeil/Celtic & Traditional Lullabies From Our Cape Breton / Kumbaya
2 The Wherries/ Home and Harbour/ The Winter it is past
3 RealRadio Breakfast Show, Sky television, Scotland: Haggis
4 James Ross/ The Haggis Set
5 Pur/ The Lassies’ Reply- Robert Burns Songs/ Cagaran Gaolach (The Highland Balou)
6 William Wallace-Robert the Bruce – Robert Burns “Immortal Documentary on Burns Dinner ”
Produced by Moz Taylor
7 Ed Miller/ the Edinburgh Rambler/ Scots Wha Hae
8 The Barra MacNeils/ Racket in the Attic/ Rattlin Roarin’ Willie
9 Pur/ The Lassies Reply/Auld Lang Syne


One Response to “Scottish Voice Show #511”

  1. kinnon on January 30th, 2010 9:31 am

    Hi Janet, it has been too long; hope all is well you and the “kids”.
    I just finished listening to your Burns Show which I enjoyed while also listening in the background to the Tartan Hour (not as traditional a Scottish show as I would like) which is broadcast 11:00 Atlantic time on a local volunteer radio station, it is sponsored by “The Scots” of Halifax.
    A new Scottish pub, The Loose Cannon Scottish Public House, recently opened on Argyle Street (appropriate street name), haven’t been yet but will give you an update when I make it.
    Everyone is fine here and I look forward to future broadcasts.


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