Scottish Voice Show #519

March 20, 2010

Listen to the March 20, 2010 show
Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Gaelic Segment: Suzanne Beaton

Celtic Traditions- Spring Equinox
Elvis, the wild otter
Lottery winner doesn’t claim winnings with only a day to go.


1 Eric Bogle/ The Dreamer
2 Ian MacDougall/ From Foot Cape/ The Waterfall
3 Ed Miller/Live at the Cactus Café/ Wild Mountain Thyme
4 Mac Morin/ Pipe Set
5 Christine Primrose/ Without Seeking, Without Asking/ Bean A’ Chotain Ruaidh
6 Mairi Rankin/ First Hand/ The First Pint
7 Dave MacIsaac/ Green Mountain Boys
8 The Wherries in Concert for Strathclyde Fire Brigade/ Coulters Intro
9 The Wherries in Concert for Strathclyde Fire Brigade/ Coulters Candy
10 Foster and Allan/ My Auld Tambourine
11 Cherish the Ladies/The Back Door/ Paddy O’Brien’s/Toss the Feathers/Jenny Dang the Weaver
12 Ed Miller/ Many’s the Fine Tale/ Spring Song
13 JP Cormier/ Another Morning

Gaelic lesson
Welcome to the first official day of spring!

English: The Spring Equinox

Gaelic: Comh-fhad-thrath an Earraich

Pronunciation: “C0-vad TRA an AIR-reik

C0 – as in “cone
reik – as in ‘reiki”

To break down the phrase:
Comh-fhad-thrath – equinoctial
An Earraich – the Spring


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