Scottish Voice show #524

April 24, 2010

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Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman

1 Steve Dooks/Atlantic Canada Ceilidh/ Mairi’s Wedding
2 J.P. Cormier/ Another Morning
3 Stephen Quigg/Highlands Tomorrow/ Rambles of Spring
4 Men of the Deeps – soloist Nipper MacLeod/Diamonds in the Rough/ Working Man
5 Colin Grant/ Little Sara Drove the Model T Up Anthony’s Hill
6 Mary Jane Lamond/ Putumayo Kids Presents: Celtic Dreamland/ Cagaran Gaolach
7 Colin Grant/ Greenberg Jigs
8 Dan Milner / Atlantic Canada Ceilidh/ Paddy West
9 J.P. Cormier/ Another Morning/ The Mathematician/Sleepy Maggie
10 Steve Dooks/Atlantic Canada Ceilidh/ Farewell To Youth
11 J.P. Cormier/ Another Morning/ Fiddle Set


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