Scottish Voice Show #525

May 1, 2010

Listen to the latest show May 1, 2010
Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Halifax Correspondent & Gaelic Teacher Suzanne Beaton

The Legacy of Archie Neil Chisholm
Ann Frank’s tree
Celtic Horoscope for May 1 to 14th – The Poplar Tree

1 The Wherries/ Now and Then/ Shoals of Herring
2 MacKenzie’s Pipes/ Mackenzies Pipes & Banjo/ Mairi’s Wedding/Scotland the Brave/
Will Ye No’ Come Back Again
3 Ed Miller/ At Home with the Exiles/ the John Mclean March
4 The Wherries/ Now and Then/ The Irish Rover
5 Tüna/ Annoying priest
6 Raylene Rankin/ Failte/ Oran Chalum Sgaire
7 Carl Mackenzie/ It’s a Corker/ Kerr’s Quickstep
8 The Yarmouth Shantymen/ Heavy Weather/The Elbow
9 Fiddles & Feet/4 Fiddles 14 Feet/The Hundred Pipers/Cock of the North
10 Wendy MacIsaac/ Failte/ The Studio Square Set

Susanne’s Gaelic Lesson:

The month of May is called: An Céitean (AN KAY-tuhn)
(like saying the word “tin”, but instead of pronouncing a hard “t” with your front teeth touching, make a soft “t” by let the tip of your tongue touch the alveolar ridge – the hard palate just behind the upper front teeth.)
An céitean also means “fair weather” or “favourable season”.
I have a dog! Tha mi an cù! (HA’me an COO)
When said together, “tha” and “mi” string together to sound like one word.
For interest’s sake, here’s how the sentence works with the pronouns “you” (singular), “she”, and “he”.
You have a dog Tha thu an cù! (HA-oo’an COO)
She has a dog. Tha i an cù. (HIGH-e an COO)
He has a dog Tha e an cù. (HA-eh an COO)


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