Scottish Voice Show #527

May 15, 2010

Listen to the latest show May 15, 2010
Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Halifax Correspondent & Gaelic Teacher Suzanne Beaton

The Montreal Canadian Hockey Team
Britain’s Got Talent: Janie Cutler

1 Shelly Campbell/ Failte/ G Jigs – A Nod to Stephane
2 McCalmans/The Greentrax Years/ (Leave Us) Our Glens
3 Ryan J. MacNeil / Failte/ Oh Wheels What Can the Matter Be?
4 McCalmans/The Greentrax Years/ Strange Dawn
5 Jerry Holland/ Fiddler’s Choice/ Alexander William MacDonnell
6 Grit Laskin/ Unabashedly Folk: Songs and Tunes 1979-1985 / The Oldest Man In The World
7 Mary Jane Lamond/ Stòras/ The Grey Haired Old Lady from Raasay)
8 Dawn and Margie Beaton/Taste of Gaelic/Winston Fitzgerald Clog, Leslie Reel,
Headlight Reel, Shoneth’s Reel, Judy’s Reel
9 Ted Christopher/ A Million Smiles/ Bonnie Dundee
10 The R.H. Rodney MacDonald & Glenn Graham/ Yes! Let’s hear it for John Allan Cameron/ Traditionally Rockin’

Suzanne Beaton’s Gaelic Lesson

English words taken from the Gaelic.

Banshee From bean-shìdh (bown shee – a wailing spirit (female)
Clan From clann, (sounds like “clown”) – children or family.
Drambuie The name of this well-known Scotch comes from dram buidheach (draam BOO-hee) – a satisfying drink
Gab, gob From gob, mouth.
Galore From gu leòr (goo LEEORE – like Eyore from “Winnie the Pooh”) – plenty.
Slew from sluagh – an army, or great mass of people.
Smashing From ‘s math sin – that is good


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