Scottish Voice Show #529

May 29, 2010

Listen to the latest show May 29, 2010
Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Halifax Correspondent & Gaelic Teacher Suzanne Beaton
Guests: Clíona de Brí, Diane and Belfast Andi

Topics: Ireland, Irish and Scots Gaelic, Trinity College events, Dance lessons etc

1 Moira Kerr/ Celtic Soul/ The Isle of Tiree
2 MacKenzie’s Pipes/ Mackenzies Pipes & Banjo/ If You’re Irish Come into the Parlour/Dear Old Donegal/MacNamara’s
3 Mary Jane Lamond/ Orain Ghaidhlig/ Nighean Dubh, Nighean Donn
In studio performances by Clíona de Brí , Diane and Belfast Andi
Gaelic lesson with Suzanne Beaton and Cliona de Bri
Green are the hills that are far from us
Is gorm na cnuic ’tha fada ’uainn
“scor’um nah kuh-NOO-eek, ah-ha FAH-da OO-een
kuh-NOO-eek (sounds just like “canoe-eek”)
I chose this little saying for it demonstrates the similarities between Irish and Scottish Gaelic; notably the words “gorm” (green/blue); “cnuic” (mountain or hill), and “fada” (long).
These words share the same meaning (and slightly different spellings) in Irish.


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