Scottish Voice Show #532

June 19, 2010

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Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Halifax Correspondent & Gaelic Teacher Suzanne Beaton

Subject: Fathers Day

1 Howie MacDonald/ the dance last night/ David Rankin medley
2 Ted Christopher/Follow the Wild Geese Home/The Old man’s Chair
3 Men of the Deeps/ Diamonds in the Rough/ Working Man
4 Ian McDougall/ From Foot Cape/ Light and Airy
5 Calum, An Cliath Clis/Song to Cape Breton
6 Carl Mackenzie/ Highland Fiddle and Dance/ Dannie MacEachern
7 John Gracie/ Live!/ You Are My Sunshine
8 Fiddlers 3/Red Wing
9 Ted Christopher/Follow the Wild Geese Home/Every Fathers Song
10 Ian McDougall/ From Foot Cape/ The Waterfall

Gaelic Lesson by Suzanne Beaton

To honour Father’s Day:

Father Athair (AH-her)

Father’s Day Là nan Athraichean LWAA nun AH-rach-han

And to honour St. John on the 24th!

St. Jean Baptiste Day Là Fhéill Eòin a’ Bhaistich LWAA AIL YAWN uh VAH-steek
(the “k” is aspirated)


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