Scottish Voice Show #536

July 17, 2010

Listen to the latest show July 17, 2010
Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Halifax Correspondent & Gaelic Teacher Suzanne Beaton

Today’s Guests Miriam Cormier and Jeanna Stubbert


1 Jeff MacDonald/ Celtic & Traditional Lullabies from our C B /The Blue Mountain’s Lullaby
2 Colin Grant/ Jerry Jigs
3 Miriam Cormier – Morag Bheag (in studio)
4 Carl Mackenzie/Cape Breton Fiddle Medleys/ My Friend
5 Miriam Cormier – Chi mi na Morbheanna (I see the great mountains) (in studio)
4 Ian McDougall/ From Foot Cape/ Black Donald
5 Macnas / Donnie Murdo MacLeod / Ri fuaim an taibh – At the ocean’s sound

Today’s Guest was Miriam Cormier

– Singer, Songwriter, Soprano from Baroque to Bluegrass, Classical to Celtic
Miriam’s web site is:

Gaelic Lesson with Suzanne Beaton

English: A man who holds his tongue will keep his friend.
Gaelic: Am fear a ghléidheas a theanga, gléidhidh a charaid
Sounds like: Am fare ah GLAY-us ah HENG-ah, glay-ee ah CA-ridge (“ca” as in cat)


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