Scottish Voice Show # 540

August 14, 2010

Listen to the latest show: August 14, 2010
Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer/Co-Host: Mark Korman
Gaelic Teacher: Suzanne Beaton


1 The Makem and Spain Brothers/ Live/ MacPherson’s Rant
2 Brenda Stubbert; Brian Doyle; Richard Wood/ My Great Friend John Morris Rankin /The Flax in Bloom/A Northside Reel
3 The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem/ Finnegan’s Wake/Roddy McCorley
4 Moira Kerr/Celtic Soul/ MacIain of Glencoe
5 Rodney MacDonald/ Celtic & Traditional Lullabies from our Cape Breton/ Glencoe March
6 Mary Jane Lamond/ Stòras Disc 1/ Mo Nighean Donn as Bòidhche (Most Beautiful Brown-Haired Maiden)
7 Buddy MacMaster/ Failte/ E Minor Jigs
8 Arthur Cormack/ Puirt a Beul (Mouth Music)
9 Wendy MacIsaac/ Timeline/ Stephanie and Jackie: Clach Na Cuddin /The Fir Tree [Strath)

Gaelic: cur-seachad “ Sounds like: curr SHEAH-kud”

What are your pastimes/hobbies?

Gaelic: Dè na cur-seachadan a th’ agad?

Sounds like: “jay nah curr SHEAH-kud-dan a HA-ged”

I like…
Gaelic: Bidh mi Sounds like: (bee me):

(To link two hobbies, simply insert “agus” (and) in between the phrases.)

learning gaelic

Gaelic: Bidh mi ag ionnsachadh na Gaidhlig Sounds like: bee me ag YOU-sa-kug na GAL-ig

writing a newsletter
Gaelic: a’ sgrìobhadh litir-naidheachd Sounds like: (uh SKREE-vug LEE-chur NAY-och)

working on a family tree

Gaelic: ag obair air mo shloinneadh Sounds like: ag O-per air mo loin-yug

Reading up on the history of old tv shows

Gaelic: leughadh eachdraidh nan seann phrògraman tv
Sounds like: YAY-vug EK-duh-ree na SHAOWN FRO-gram-an tv


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