Scottish Voice Show #541

August 22, 2010

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Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Halifax Correspondent & Gaelic Teacher Suzanne Beaton

McCalmans/The Greentrax Years/The Moor Road Greentrax Recordings, Scotland
MacIsaac & MacIsaac/Fiddle Music 101/Set of Jigs
McCalmans/The Greentrax Years/ Both Sides the Tweed
Jennifer Roland/Celtic & Traditional Lullabies from Our Cape Breton/This Flower I Pick for you
James Joyce/St John’s Town/The Rocks of Merasheen
Arthur Cormack/Niaor Bha Mi Og/Ho Ro Boys, Let’s Not Be Sad
Gaelic song live by Suzanne Beaton
Howie MacDonald/The Dance Last Night/ Jerry and Joey’s Jigs
MacIsaac & MacIsaac/Fiddle Music 101/ McKinnon’s Marching Tunes

The Corries/ The Brick Layers Song
Gabe McVarish/Donegal Highlands & Reels

Remembering: Poet Edwin Morgan
Poem: Don’t let your work and hope be other than great by Edwin Morgan


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