Scottish Voice Show # 554

November 20, 2010

November 20, 2010 

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                        
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Halifax Correspondent & Gaelic Teacher Suzanne Beaton

Dedicated to the Memory of Alexander Daniel MacDonald  1931- 2010


1          Brendon Nolan/Southern Sunset/the Joy of Living

2          Howie MacDonald/ the dance last night/ lament for Glencoe

3          Charlie MacKinnon/ 45-RPM Release/The Return of the Ghost of Bras D’or

            Courtesy Glen Grey K-Lee Radio, Baddeck

4          Kinnon and Betty Beaton/ Saturday Night Lively Joan Beaton Currie’s Jig

5          Bobby Currie/ Bobby Currie Live / Donald From Bras d’ Or   

6          Buddy MacDonald with Tommy Peggy MacDonald/ We Remember You Well/            

            Tha mo Ghaol/Jamie on the Stormy Sea           

7          Donnie LeBlanc/ La reel des Cap-Rougiens/ Traditional strathspeys and reels

8          Emmet Spiceland/The V Best of Irish Love Songs/ Mary from Dungloe

9          Kinnon & Andrea Beaton/Barn Dance Medley

Today’s show:

Dedicated to the memory of Alexander Beaton, Mabou 1931 – 2010

Gaelic Lesson with Halifax correspondent Suzanne Beaton


English              Do you speak Gaelic?”
Galeic:              A bheil Gaidhlig agaibh?
Sounds like:      uh VELL GAH-lig ACK-iv?
English: “Yes, a little!”
Gaelic:              Tha, becan!
Sounds like:      ha, BECK-an
Good night:       Oidche mhath leibh,

Congratulations to Fiddlers Colin Grant and Dwayne Cote on their wins at Music Nova Scotia Week!

Colin Grant Band,   group recording of the year honours for the album “Fun for the Whole Family,”

Cape Breton’s Dwayne Côté and Newfoundland’s Duane Andrews won in the jazz/electro/acoustic artist/group recording of the year, for their self-titled duo CD.

November 13,. 2010 

Scottish Voice Show           #553

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                         

Technical Producer: Mark Korman

Halifax Correspondent & Gaelic Teacher Suzanne Beaton


1          Buddy MacDonald (Buddy MacD)We Remember You Well/ Play It Again

2          Ian McDougall – Howie MacDonald/From Foot Cape/Grand Etang

3          Buddy MacDonald -(Fred Lavery/ We Remember You Well/ Peace in Time

4          Carl Mackenzie- Carl / Highland Fiddle and Dance/ Sonny Murray

5          Ashley MacIsaac/ Hills of Glenorchy

6          Jeff McDonald; Mary Jane Lamond/ Làn Dùil/ Crodh Air A’ Bhruaich

7          Jerry Holland – Cranford, Paul S/Fiddler’s Choice/Paul Cranford’s Medley

8          JP Cormier & /Reel made with Hilda/Ms. Watson’s/Return to the Cape

9          Wendy MacIsaac – Dave MacIsaac; Donald Maclellan; John Morris Rankin; Robert Ross;       Traditional; Wendy MacIsaac / Timeline/  Hughena’s March           

Gaelic lesson with Suzanne Beaton

English:          To remember/ remembrance (or recollection of a memory):

Gaelic             cuimhne

Sounds like:   “COO’in-ee”

English:          I remember

Gaelic:            Is cuimhne leam

Sounds like:   iss COO’in-ee LAYoom

English:          Remembrance Day

Gaelic:            Là na Cuimhneachan

Sounds Like: LWAA nah COO-in-ee-ken

(ken is pronounced with an asiprated “k”– aka the “teenager sound”)


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