Scottish Voice Show #577

April 30, 2011

April 30, 2011        

Technical Producer/ Host:: Mark Korman

Halifax Correspondent & Gaelic Teacher Suzanne Beaton


1              Steve Dooks /Atlantic Canada Ceilidh /She’s Halifax

2              Steve Dooks /Atlantic Canada Ceilidh / Thousand Island Jigs  

3              Steve Dooks /Atlantic Canada Ceilidh / Fields of Healther

4              The McCalmans/ The Greentrax Years / When the Risk of Frost is Over

5              Kinnon and Betty Beaton/ Saturday Night Lively/ Marble Hill March      

6              Donnie Munro/ The Journey/ Fields of the Young

7              Dave MacIsaac/ Forgotten Roots/ A tribute to Cape Breton Violin Duos

8              Donald Rankin – Accountant on the Isle of Sky, Scotland

9              Howie MacDonald/ David Rankin medley      

10            Kathleen MacInnes/ Lullaby of the Fairy-Woman/ Twa Corbies

11            Natalie MacMaster/ Opening Figure

12            Ivan Drever Band/ Beat of the Drum / The Ballad of Jimmy Fry

13            Natalie and Buddie/ Forgotten Roots/ The Castle Hornpipe/Sean Macguire Reel/

                The Scotsville Reel/The Tartar/Tom Rae/Sandy macIntyres trip to Boston

14            The Yarmouth Shantymen/ Heavy Weather / All for the Grog   

15            Natalie MacMaster/ Jerry Tunes


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