Scottish Voice Show #584

June 18, 2011

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Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Gaelic Teacher: Suzanne Beaton

Guest: Comedian, Writer, Actor – Dan Bingham
Topics: Father’s Day and “Adopt This” a one man show by Dan Bingham
1. David Greenberg & Doug MacPhee/Tunes Until Dawn/Lord Moira
2. Fiddlers’ Sons/ Beaches Of Home/ The Old Man, The Captain And Me
3. David Greenberg & Doug MacPhee/ Tunes Until Dawn/ Mary Gray
4. Rod Walsh/ Close to Home/ A Drink for My Father
5. Alasdair Fraser/ Dawn Dance/ Dawn Dance
6. Artur Cormack/ Macnas/ Oran do Iain Breac MacLeoid
7. Doug Lamey, “A Step Back in Time”/ The Donald MacLean Pipe Jigs
8. Celtic Thunder/ The Old Man


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