Scottish Voice Show #585

June 25, 2011

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Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                         
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Gaelic Teacher: Suzanne Beaton


1          Troy MacGillivray/ Boomerang 2003 / Boomerang

2          Donnie Campbell/ music to me/ Summer of my dreams

3          Troy MacGillivray/ Boomerang 2003/ (Don) Messer Medley

4          Troy MacGillivray/ Eleven 2005/ Hughie No. 11

5          Celia Ramsay/ Songs of my Father’s People/ A Bonnie Wee Lassie

6          Troy MacGillivray/ Eleven 2005/ Smash the Windows

7          Mary Jane Lamond/ Suas E!/ Seinn O

8          Troy MacGillivray & Shane Cook/ When Here Meets There 2008/ Piano Jigs

9          Troy MacGillivray & Shane Cook/ When Here Meets There 2008/ Foolin’ Around

10        Live At the Music Room/  Welcome Blast        

Gaelic Lesson with Suzanne Beaton


Gaelic:  Là Fhéill Eòin a’ Bhaistich

English: Lit. “Day festival John (Ian) the Baptist”

Sounds like: “LAW, ALE,  eeYAWN un VAH-steehk”

A review of last week’s lesson on how to fire someone, Trump-style.

English:            You’re fired! 

Part 1:

Gaelic:              Thoir do chasan leat!  

English lit. take your legs with you, which is a general Gaelic command to leave/scram. 

But, to finish the thought, it needs to be accompanied with something, so: So you’d have to compound it with something, making it:

 Part 2

Gaelic               Thoir do chasan leat! Chan eil thu ag obair an seo tuilleadh!

English              Take your legs with you! You don’t work here no more!.   

Sounds like:

“hoar dough k’HA-sin lat.     K’han YELL ooh egg OH-per an shaw TOO-leich” (sounds like “lake” but without the “ache” sound at the end.)


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