Scottish Voice Show #586

July 2, 2011

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Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                         
Technical Producer & Co-Host: Mark Korman
Gaelic Teacher: Suzanne Beaton 

Topics: Canada Day,  A Tribute to Jerry Holland by Ron Gillis,  The truth about the Montreal Moving Day Tradition, Musician’s Bio’s.


1              Ann Murray/ Snowbird     

2              Leahy/ Don Messer Medley             

3              Stan Rogers/ Barrett’s Privateers      

4              Kinnon Beaton/ Eoghan Dubh/ Buddy’s Order of Canada

5              Jerry Holland/ Fiddler’s Choice/ For My Mother Dear 

6              The Rankin Family/ Souvenir: 1989-1998 Disc 2/ Christy Campbell Medley

7              Winston “Scottie” Fitzgerald            

8              Ted Wright interview Terry Foxman/ Moving (Flitting) Day Interview

9              John Allan Cameron/ Lets Unite/ Guitar Jigs

10            Michael Mitchell/ This Land is Your Land                     

11            Jerry Holland/ Fiddler’s Choice/ Miss Hutton’s Medley


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