Scottish Voice Show #587

July 9, 2011

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                         
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
Halifax Correspondent and Gaelic Teacher: Suzanne Beaton


1          John Allan Cameron/ Broom O’Cowden Knowes

2          Carl MacKenzie/It’s a Corker/ Man in the Moon          

3          Robbie O’Connell/ Rough Guide to Irish Folk/ The Flower of Kilkenny

4          Ted Christopher/ Follow The Wild Geese Home

5          Glenn Graham/ Step Outside/ Strathspey + Reels No. 1

6          Mary Jane Lamond/ Orain Ghaidhlig: of C B/ Am Braighe

7          Winston “Scottie” Fitzgerald/ Classic Cuts/ Miss Ann MacCormack

            (Dan R. Mac D) Sleepy Maggie (reels)  

8          Gerry McDaniel/ Waiting for the Southwind/ Scottie     

9          Foster & Allen/ Forty Shades of Green: A Tribute to Old Ireland/         
            Green Glens of Antrim

10        Howie MacDonald/ a salute to Cameron and Arthur medley

Gaelic Lesson with Suzanne Beaton

English: Festival

Gaelic:              Fèis

Sounds like:     faysh”


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