Scottish Voice Show #588

July 16, 2011

Unfortunately, Radio Centre-Ville is experiencing difficulties with its web site.  But you can visit the Scottish Voice archives to hear todays show and other shows dating back to December 2011. Go to the link below.

Link to the archive:

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                         
Technical Producer & Co-Host: Mark Korman
Gaelic Teacher: Suzanne Beaton


Featuring: Cassie & Maggie MacDonald/Debut Album :Fresh Heirs‘

1          The Wherries/ Now and Then/ Bonnie Dundee 

2          Cassie & Maggie MacDonald/Fresh Heirs/ Jigs to Start

3          McCalmans/The Greentrax Years CD 2/(Leave Us) Our Glens

4          Cassie & Maggie MacDonald/Fresh Heirs/ Everything but the Kitchen Sink

5          The Wherrires/  in Concert for Strathclyde Fire Brigade/ Whiskey in the Jar          

6          JP Cormier / X8 a mandolin collection/The Whiskey Set

7          Iain MacKay/Macnas/Direadh nam beann arda – Climbing the high hills

8          Cassie & Maggie MacDonald/Fresh Heirs/Antigonish Set

9          Moira Kerr/Loch Lomond Hills/ Highland Cathedral

10        Cassie & Maggie MacDonald/Fresh Heirs/ Marching for Miles

11        Buddy MacDonald/ Getting Dark Again

12        Cassie & Maggie MacDonald/Fresh Heirs Pipin’ Tom  

Gaelic Lesson

English:                  Hot

Gaelic:                    teth

Sounds Like:         chey

English:                  Isn’t it hot today? (Literally: Not it is hot today?

Gaelic:                    Nach I that eth an-digh?

Sounds Like:         noch (as in loch) ee-ah CHAY un JEW?


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