Scottish Voice Show #599

October 8, 2011

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                         
Technical Producer: Mark Korman


1          The Wherries/ Now and Then/ Doon in the Wee Room

2          Ian McDougall/ From Foot Cape/ The Haughs of Cromdale     

3          The Wherries/ Now and Then/ Dark Island

4          The Wherries/ Now and Then/ Rolling Home

5          Troy MacGillivray/ Boomerang/ But it was late Wednesday…

6          Eilidh Shaw/ Celtic Woman 4/ Gregor

7          `Howie macDonald, Doug MacPhee/Cape Breton Live Radio Take 02/

            Let’s Get Down to Business

8          Andy Duinker/Fine Company/Old Ways

9          Shane Cook & Troy MacGillivray/ When Here Meets There/Being Jerry Holland

10        Robin Laing/ One for the Road/ Rory’s Still      

11        Joseph Cormier & J.P. Cormier/ Velvet Arm Golden Hand/ Hiawatha  

12        Lisa McArthur/ Set for Hector

13        David Greenberg & Doug MacPhee/ Tunes Until Dawn/ Corporal AB

14        Natalie MacMaster/ Failte/ Captain Keeler


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