Scottish Voice Show #600

October 15, 2011

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert 
Technical Producer: Mark Korman


1          Daniel O’Donnell/Irish Collection/Pat Murphy’s Meadow

2          Carl Mackenzie/ Highland Fiddle and Dance/ Mr Garden of Troup

3          The Gig Dogs/but we do it in happy way/Hills of Connemara

4          Carl Mackenzie/ Highland Fiddle and Dance/ MacKenzie Fraser

5          Jimmy McBeath/ Greentrax 25 Anniversary Coll/ The Muckin o’ Geordie’s Byre

6          Liam Callaghan & the Water of Life/Crooked Jack/Connaught Man’sRamble/Jenny’s Chickens

7          Mairi MacInnes & the Glasgow Gaelic Choir/ 25th Anniversary of Greentrax/ Is Gaidheal Mi/ This        Feeling Inside  

8          Mairi Rankin/ First Hand/ E Jigs           

9          Robin Laing / 25th Anniversary of Greentrax/ The Union Canal

10        Carl Mackenzie/ Cape Breton Fiddle Medleys/ Detroit


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