Scottish Voice Show #602

October 30, 2011

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                   
Technical Producer: Mark Korman

1        Doug Lamey/ A Step Back In Time/Bill and Father John Angus       

2        Anita Best & Pamela Morgan/ The Colour of Amber/ Suil A Gra               

3        Doug Lamey /A Step Back In Time/Alex Joe’s Jig       

4        Halloween sound track                                                               

5        Lynn Higginson & Eileen/ Sandy Bell’s Pub – Edinburgh/

6        Ottilie Patterson/ The Stack of Barley              

7        Ashley MacIsaac/ Close to the Floor/ Miss Lyall’s Set   \

8        Dave Gunning/ … A Tribute To John Allan Cameron/ Birds of Joy  

9        Laura Risk/ 2000 Miles / Skye Air

10      Halloween sound track

11      Colin Chisholm/ Edinburg Castle 

12      Sandy MacIntyre/ Waltz Medley   

13      Jean Redpath, MBE/ 25th Anniversary of Greentrax/ Dunbarton’s Drums   

14      Stocton’s Wing/ Collection/ Beautiful Affair

15      Brenda Stubbert/ House Sessions/ The Stornmont Lads, strathspeys and reels


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