Scottish Voice Show #603

November 5, 2011

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 Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                    
Technical Producer: Mark Korman


1     Ted Christopher/ Follow The Wild Geese Home/The Lion Roars

2          Kinnon Beaton/ Eoghan Dubh/ Doug Macphee

3          Moira Kerr/ Celtic Soul/ Loch Lomond

4          Ashley MacIsaac/ Close to the Floor/ The Little House Around the Corner/ Traditional Winston/          

5          J.P. Cormier/ X8 a mandolin collection/ New Brick Road

6          Patricia Murray/ Welcome to Prince Edward Island/ Gearan an Tuathanaich

7          Kinnon Beaton/ Eoghan Dubh/ Jessie’s

8          Anna McGoldrick/ A Musical Tour Of Ireland/ LOVELY DERRY      

9          48th Highlanders/ Abide with Me/ The Irish Guards Welcome to Toronto/The Battle of Waterloo

10        Irish Rebel Songs: A Nation Once Again Disc 1/ Wrap the Green Flag Around Me Boys

11        Carl Mackenzie/ It’s a Corker/ Forest of Gaick


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