Scottish Voice Show #607

December 3, 2011

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Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                         

Technical Producer: Mark Korman

December 3, 2011 show

1              Natalie & Buddy MacMaster/Yes!  Let’s hear it for John Allan Cameron/

                The King George Medley  

2              Fiona Mackenzie/Duan Nollaig: A Gaelic Christmas/Tha E Tighinn

3              Jeana Leslie & “Siobhan Miller/Shadows Tall/Alexander            

4              J.P Cormier/Heart and Soul/May I Have This Dance    

5              Foster & Allen/Remember You’re Mine/More than Yesterday   

6              Dave Gunning/ … A Tribute To John Allan Cameron/ Fisherman’s Song

7              Troy MacGillivray/ Boomerang/ Hornpipes                   

8              Fiddlers’ Sons/Beaches Of Home/Peter Emberley         

9              Rod Walsh/ Close to Home/ Cod Liver Oil     

10            Carl Mackenzie/ Highland Fiddle and Dance/ Paddy On the Turnpike

11            Carl Mackenzie/ Highland Fiddle and Dance/ Dickie Rogers


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