Scottish Voice Show #608

December 10, 2011

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 December 10, 2011  show

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                         
Technical Producer: Mark Korman


 1          Ed Miller/Many’s the Fine Tale/Jock Stewart

2          Carl Mackenzie/ Highland Fiddle and Dance/ Dickie Rogers

3          Eric Bogle/ Music & Song from Scotland Greentrax 25/The Gift of Yrs

4          Fiddlers’ Sons/ Beaches Of Home/ Peter Emberley

5          Dawn and Margie Beaton/ Taste of Gaelic/ George I. Taylor strathsepy, Duke of Gordon Strathspey,    Castle newe Strathspey, Highlander’s Farewel

6          Còmhla Cruinn/Clò Mhic Ille Mhìcheil

7          The Northern Singers and Orchestra/ Merry/ Christmas Dream

8          comedienne Tommy Tiernan Christmas

9          Ashley MacIsaac/ Christmas Balsam/ Silver Bells

10        Ceolbeg with Davy Steele/ 25th Anniversary Greentrax- Music and Song from Scotland/ See the           People Run

11        Lisa MacArthur/Lisa MacArthur Compliments to Otis Thomas


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