Scottish Voice Show # 616

February 4, 2012

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 February 04, 2012 Show Log

Get Well Wishes to Mr. Ferguson in East end Montreal. 

Our Condolences to April O’Donoughue and her family at the loss of her mother.

Gwendolyn Marion (Clarke) O’Donoughue
1925 – Dec 20, 201

The rabbit that herds sheep
Jokes from “Tall Tales & Udder Lies“from Cape Bret  Written & compiled by Glen Gray – KLEE radio, Cape Breton, N. S.

J.P. Cormier
Jimmy Sweeney
Ted Christopher (See quote at the bottom of the music log)

Music: Log

1          Brigadoon/ Glengarry My Home and others/ Glengarry My Home

2          Ashley MacIssac & John Allan Cameron /Athole Cummers

3          Jessica, An Cliath Clis/Song about a Bachelor

4          J.P. Cormier/Kinnon & Andrea’s CD Tuneesmith/ kermit’s

5          Jimmy Sweeney/Come Listen Awhile/Song for the Mira

6          Ashley MacIsaac -Maybelle Chisholm/ Live at theSavoy/ Listen to the Mocking Bird Medley

7          Ted Christopher/ Follow the Wild Geese Home/ Scottish Dawn

8          The Brigadoon’s/Glengarry My Home/ Thistle & Shamrock

9          Emmet Spiceland/The Very Best of Irish Love Songs Disc3/Mary from Dungloe

10        Bogle, Eric/The Dreamer/Standing in the Light  

11        Howie MacDonald/ Mom’s Waltz        

12        Wendy MacIsaac/Timeline/ George ITaylor: George I Taylor /The Marquis of Huntly


Ted Christopher- on the Scottish referendum

“I think the most important thing is self determination – the right of the Scottish people to decide their own future.   If we democratically opt for independence (which I sincerely hope) I will be extremely happy.

If not, then I’ll continue in my own small way to help persuade our countrymen thatScotlanddeserves its own place at the UN as a free nation.

The biggest danger to losing the vote will be the media portraying us as “anti-English”. For the vast majority of patriots that’s rubbish.  We are pro- Scottish. There is a world of difference.

I look forward to the day whenEnglandwill be great neighbours.  I just don’t want them (or anybody else) as landlords.”


            Thanks’ Ted for that wonderful quote.  Janet


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