Scottish Voice Show #617

February 11, 2012

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Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                                         
Technical Producer: Mark Korman
February 04, 2012 Show Log


1         Delores Keane; Tommy Sands/ The Shortcut Through the Fields

2          Melody & Derrick Cameron/When There’s Music/Gramps “Doc” Waltz

3          Ed Miller/ At Home With the Exiles/Darling Ailie          

4          Geraldine Clahane-O’Donnell/The Clahanes/  I’ll Take you Home Again Kathleen

5          Joe E. Hamilton/The very best of Irish Love Songs Vol 3/Danny Boy    

6          ChrissyCrowley/ I Like D’s Tunes       

7          Ottilie Patterson/I Know My Love       

8          Clancy Brothers; Tommy Makem/The Stuttering Lovers

9          Brenda Stubbert/Paul MacDonald guitar, Joey Beaton piano/ House Sessions/

             I Lost My Love jigs 
10        Kirk MacGeachy/ Couldn’t Love You More

11        Eileen Donaghy Mother’s Love Is a Blessing     

12        Natalie MacMaster/ Grand Promenade





The Penguin called “Roast Beef”

Singing Valentines… Mile End Mission (514) 274-3401




St. Valentine’s Day is steeped in legend and mystery; the motives behind the day’s creation & even St. Valentine himself have been shrouded in controversy and doubt.

The priests of Lupercus would perform a traditional purification ritual, slaughtering goats to the god, and after consuming wine, they would run through the streets ofRomeholding up the skins of the goats touching anyone they met.  Young women

flooded the streets hoping to be touched by the skins.  They believed it would improve their chances of having children.   The exact date of the tradition isn’t known.


The first official Saint Valentine’s Day was declared on 14th of February by Pope Galasius in 496         
It is not known for sure whether he was honouring a 3rd century priest or whether it was one of two other martyred priests associated with the 14th of February.


One was Bishop and the other apparently suffered in Africaalong with a number of
companions. Nothing further is known about these two Saint Valentines
and it is the priest inRome that has become the most widely celebrated of the 3.


Emperor Claudius 270 AD claimed that married men made poor soldiers & consequently decreed that all marriages of younger citizens would be outlawed. Valentine, however, maintained that marriage was part of God’s plan and purpose for the world.  He continued to conduct marriages in secret between young people, sometimes as young as twelve, in the name of love. – He was jailed and beheaded, but not before he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. It is thought that on the evening of his execution he passed a note to her which read “from your Valentine”.      This story has grown into the tradition of Valentine’s Day.  An estimated 1 billion cards sent are each year, making it the 2nd largest card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas.  



A TOURIST asked staff at Culloden battlefield visitor centre where Mel Gibson stood during the battle.


The daft visitor didn’t know Gibson was playing William Wallace in the movie Braveheart or that Wallace died in 1305 – 441 years before the Battle of Culloden.


Another confused tourist asked guides: “Where did the Jacobites park their cars?”


And a third asked a worker wearing a Redcoat uniform: “Are you dressed as Bonnie Prince Charlie?”

Battlefield visitor centre learning manager Katey Boal said: “Our visitors ask these types of questions on a regular basis in the summer months.

“But the truth can be far more interesting than the fiction.”          Jan 6 2012



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