Scottish Voice Show #630

May 12, 2012

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May 12, 2012             
Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                         
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman


Mother’s Day – Anna Jarvis and activist Julia Ward Howe
Clip:  Prince Charles / Radio Announcer
Fred Denny, Coastal Radio CJCB,Glace Bay, C. B.  / Tanks Ma Bye
Brain Teaser;
I have only nickels, dimes and quarters and have at least one of each type of coin.  The total number of coins I have is fifteen and the total value of all the coins is $1.00.  How many of each coin do I have?  (see ANSWER below)


1          Eileen Donaghy/ Best of Irish Love Songs/Mother’s Love Is a Blessing

2          Natalie MacMaster/In My Hands/Gramma: /Frank’s Reel

3          Pub Singers/Pure Irish [St. Clair]/ Mother Machree

4          Grit Laskin/Unabashedly Folk: Songs and Tunes 1979-1985 /The Life of A New Mother

5          The McCalmans/Scotland: The Music and Song /Mothers, Daughters, Wives

6          Mairi Rankin/ First Hand/ The F Set

7          Calum, An Cliath Clis/I arose early one May Morning

8          Mary Sarah Rankin Stubbert    

9          Susan, An Cliath Clis/O My Darling     

10        Howie MacDonald/ the dance last night/ square set second fig. jigs

11        Fred Denny, Coastal Radio, CB/ Tanks Ma bye

12        Mac Morin/ A jigs       

13        Old Scots Mother Mine/          

14        Kendra MacGillivray/ Strachan’s, George’s Delight, Mrs. J. Forbes, Johnnie                                                                                                                  Sullivan’s, Hot Fingers



Brain Teaser/Garry A. Gruber, PHD

Answer: Thirteen nickels, one dime, and one quarter.

The cleverest way to solve the problem is to try to reduce the number of possibilities to a minimum and then figure out all of those possibilities.  The highest number of quarters I can have is three, since if I have ayt least one of every coin, I can’t have four quarters, I am left with fourteen dimes/nickels, which must add up to 25 cents.  That’s impossible, so suppose I have two quarters.  That leaves 50 cents for the dimes/nickels.  I can’t get fourteen dimes/nickels that add up to 50 cents.  So try one quarter.  I have 75 cents left. I can get thirteen nickels and one dime to total 75 cents.


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