Scottish Voice Show #632

May 26, 2012

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Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert 
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korma 

May 26. 2012 show log        


Congratulations to Joella Foulds Order of Canada recipient

Flit or Sit – Documentary on moving day in Montreal
Student Protest
Archie Neil Chisholm


1  Wolftones/Irish Rebel Songs/ Wrap the Green Flag Around Me

2  Kevin MacLeod/Dorney Rock/Irish Jigs

3  Donnie Munro/Heart ofAmerica-Across the Great Divide/Where the Roses

4  The Cottors/On Fire/ Guitar Jigs

5  Donnie Munro/The Journey/Chi Min Tir

6  Betty Lou and Kinnon Beaton/The Heart of Cape Breton/ Thomas MacDonnell             Strathspey set

7   Donnie Munro/ Heart ofAmerica-Across the Great Divide/Winds of our Times

8   Ian MacDougall/ From Cape Goot/ Anthony’s Hill

9  Clancy, Evans and Doherty/ Shine on Brighter/ The Tavern

10 Dawn and Margie Beaton/ Taste of Gaelic/ George I Taylor Strathspey


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