Scottish Voice Show #636

June 23, 2012

Producer/Host: Janet
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman
June 23, 2012 show log         

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Dogs Water skiing
McLean Magazine article with quotes by Kevin MacDonald
St. John the Baptist Day
Montreal Festivals

1      The Yarmouth Shanty men/ Heavy Weather/ Paddy Lay Back

2      Wendy MacIsaac/ Timeline/ Just Cruisin’/Fax in Bloom /Geraldine’s Reel

3      Rawlins Cross/ Anthology/ Look Ahead                                   

4      The Rankin Family/ Souvenir: 1989-98 Disc2/ Grey Dusk of Eve (Portobello) [Leis an Lurgainn Remix]

5      Douglas Cameron/Tamerac’er Down                                      

6      Scottish Sing-along/ Roamin’ In the Glaomin’                          

7      John McDermott/ Scottish Soldier                                          

8      Theresa Morrison/ Laments and Merry Medleys from C B Island/Goldenrod

9      Irish Rebel Songs: A Nation Once Again /the Irish Soldier Boy

10     Cherish the Ladies/ The Back Door/ Pepin Arsenault/The Shepherd’s Daughter/A Punch in the Dark

11     Daniel O’Donnell/ Irish Collection/ Green Glens of Antrim

12     Linda Morrison/ Moon of the Ocean/ An Ataireachd Ard            

13     Mairi Rankin/First Hand/Live at the Red Shoe  



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