Scottish Voice Show # 642

August 4, 2012

Procucer/Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer/Co-Host: Mark Korman
Show: August 4th, 2010

1      Ashley MacIsaac & Mary Jane Lamond / Hi How Are You Today/Sleepy Maggie

2      The Rankin Family/ Souvenir: 1989-98/ Christy Campbell Medley

3      The Makem Brothers/ Live/ When We Danced in Donegal

4      Scott MacMillan & Janine Randall/ Summer Sessions on the Ceilidh Trail/Jigs on guitar and piano

5      TheSimonFraserUniversityPipe Band/ Down Under: Live at theSydney  Opera House/ The Blue Cloud       

6      Ed Miller/ Lowlander/ At the Games       

7      TheSimonFraserUniversityPipe Band/ Down Under: Live at theSydney    Opera House/ Piobaireachd   

8      The Brigadoon’s/Glengarry My Home /March of the Cameron men

9      Bobby Brown & The C B Symphony/ Let’s Hear it for   John Allan Cameron/ The Trip toWindsorSet

10     Brenda Stubbert/Paull MacDonald guitar, Joey Beaton piano/ Saratoga Lancers Set, hornpipe and reels


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