Scottish Voice Show #649

September 22, 2012

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                         
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman

September 22,  2012 show log

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1 Tommy Fleming/Voice of Hope /Hard Times (Come Again No More)

2TroyMcGillivray/ Eleven/ Hughie No. 11

3 The Wherries, Kenny Wilson & Dave Currie/ Rowen Tree

4 Anna McGoldrick/ A Musical Tour OfIreland/ Lovely Leitrim

5 Téada/ Give Us a Penny and Let Us Be Gone/ the North Wind/ Lady Kelly’s Reel/Sporting Nell

6 Foster & Allen/ Forty Shades of Green: A Tribute to OldIreland/ Green Glens of Antrim

7 Ashley MacIsaac & Maybelle Chisholm/Live at the Savoy/Miss Lyall’s               

8 Mary Jane Lamond/Orain Ghaidhlig: Gaelic Songs of CB/Gun Chrodh Gun Aighean

9 Ian MacDougall/From Foot Cape/FootCape

10 Ted Christopher /Follow The Wild Geese Home   

11 Wendy MacIsaac/ Timeline/ Memories of John MacDonald



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